Strata Cleaning

Strata Cleaning

Strata cleaning is our own Australian concept of cleaning subdivided commercial areas and buildings. We at Make Clean provide excellent strata cleaning services to perform cleaning in some of the most important places, and facilities such as elevators, swimming pools, hallways and gyms.

Strata cleaning is important for facilities because people use common spaces more. This causes open spaces to get dirty and potentially infected quicker and faster. Considering the type of facility, performing buffing, stripping, and sealing procedures is a complex task that should only be trusted with experienced professionals.

Our strata cleaning services include buffing, stripping, sealing, carpet steam cleaning and vacuuming, disinfecting staircases and walkways, swimming poolside cleaning, and providing exquisite cleaning touches in all highly-used open spaces.

Strata cleaning services are a necessity. As an owner of a facility, it is an essential duty to provide the residents and customers with a clean environment. Make Clean is happy to take the burden off your shoulders and help improve our environment.

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