General Gardening

A well-kept garden will really make your house stand out. From renovations to maintenance, our gardening services have you taken care of! Give us a call to Make Clean Services and ask for free quotations

We can customize a service to meet your requirements, including home cleaning and weed control cutting, mulching and irrigation systems, plant and landscaping, as well as rubbish removal.

General Gardening

Some Key Points:

  • Enjoying a relaxing holiday or are you working on a project that will keep you from your gardening? Our knowledgeable and helpful Pro Cut operators take care of your lawn and garden by mowing and watering during your absence, to ensure that your home is as stunning when you return the same way as it did when you left or more beautiful!
  • How much water your lawn requires will differ according to the grass type, the degree of wear, sun exposure and wind, the type of soil and the climate. A deep watering every week is enough, however it could be higher or lower according to your specific circumstances. Make sure to give your lawn a thorough watering to promote deep roots and to build a stronger lawn.
  • At times, we all require help to get rid of garden waste and household trash. Our Pro Cut drivers come with vans, Utes and trailers to haul away your green trash or even your appliances and furniture that are not needed so that you can take advantage of your time off or work on growing your business. 

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