How Long Does It Take to Clean an Office?

How Long Does It Take to Clean an Office?

We spend a significant amount of our time at the workplace. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the office is clean, tidy, healthy, and a comfortable place to be in. While sitting at the desk for a considerable amount of time every day, we do much more than just work. We spill things, sneeze, and touch. Over time, the workplace becomes cluttered with dust, infectious germs, and an uncomfortable, untidy place to be in. 

Office Cleaning Techniques 

It is essential to regularly do some bits and pieces of cleaning work at the office. If ignored for a while, the clutter and dust become much more challenging to deal with. Consistency is the key. 

Microfiber cloths are super important for every workplace as they help wipe many different types of surfaces and materials. 

Removing clutter regularly makes cleaning considerably easier. The desk, file cabinets, drawers must be kept free of junk. We often lazily throw something in the drawer and forget about it until the end of time, or until the dreaded day, we decide to clean the drawer. Keeping a trash can near the desk is vital to avoid piling junk and recycle papers. 

How Long Does It Take to Clean an Office? 

For a professional commercial cleaning company, it would take one person about two hours to clean roughly 2500 square feet. However, the duration depends on multiple factors. 

The smaller the office space, the longer it usually takes for a professional to finish cleaning. This is because a smaller place accumulates more dust and dirt. 

For a professional, using the proper cleaning equipment is of utmost importance because it makes the job efficient and effective, which is the reason why a professional cleaning company will be able to clean a facility quickly by using professional equipment. In contrast, if office employees are given the cleaning job, they will need much much longer.  A clean and healthy workspace improves the morale, mood, and productivity of everyone. Every once in a while, the office requires a deep cleaning makeover. It is wise to seek the help of a commercial cleaning service when that time comes to ensure the highest quality of work.