Lawn Mowing & Edging

A lawn that is maintained properly can provide many benefits, such as cooling homes, as well as play and relaxation spaces for families, as well as adding the beauty of our homes.

Regular lawn maintenance gives your home a beautiful aesthetic and feels and boosts the value and appeal. A professional lawn mower can be the key to the appearance of your home.

We can perform a one-off mow or keep your lawn maintained regularly for an unrestrained, beautiful looking lawn.

Each lawn mowing task includes pruning the edges and cutting the grass, and blowing down driveways and pathways to ensure that your property looks great! Our workers can mulch or collect the clippings. Learn the advantages of each below.

Lawn Mowing & Edging
  • This method involves using an catcher attached to the mower to gather the clippings. They can be either put into the compost pile or taken away for an affordable cost. Catcher mowers leave your lawn free of debris and beautiful.
  • Mulch mowing can be described as a technique that is used to cut grass clippings cut with a finer blade and then put back into the ground. This permits nutrients to be reintroduced into the soil, which improves the overall health the lawn. Regular lawn mowing will provide not just a beautiful lawn but also aids in the rapid degrading of clippings that are deposited into the soil, because of the tiny amount of the clippings generated. This practice is also beneficial as it protects the soil underneath lawns from drying out during summer months.
  • Most of our operators come equipped with commercial-grade ride-on mowers that can handle vast areas effortlessly. Reach out to your regional Pro Cut operator for a solution to your mowing requirements.
  • Being business owners ourselves, we are aware of the importance of making first impressions. Our staff can take care of maintaining your premises, so you can focus on building your business. All of our Pro Cut operators are fully insured and have public Liability insurance. This provides you with assurance that should something occur, you’re insured.
  • We are frequently requested to assist in bringing the gardens and lawns of rental properties back to an orderly condition at the conclusion of the tenure. This can help the tenant receive their bond in full as well for landlords, it will attract the most reputable tenants. Last minute? Not a problem We’re here for you.

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