What is the Best Way to Clean Aluminium?

What is the Best Way to Clean Aluminium?

Aluminium is among the most common metals on the planet, and it can be found in almost every home.  Aluminium is a lightweight metal that requires an extra bit of care while cleaning. You just need to follow the correct methods. Want to know the best ways to clean aluminium? We are here with some great aluminium cleaning tips!

Some cooking utensils, such as pans and pots, need regular cleaning to prevent dirt buildup. An acid-based mixture will help to fully clean the pans and vases.  The acid helps to remove the oxidized layer that naturally forms on aluminium surfaces.

You can easily make this acid using ingredients like tomatoes, lemons, and even apples. You can also make it using a mixture of water and vinegar at home. We suggest you not use bleach and hydrofluoric acid. They have several negative side effects.

Clean the whole metal surface with a damp towel removing any debris and grease. Next, put the acidic mixture to a boil in the pot you want to clean and boil for around 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and pour off the solution. Your pot should be sparkling and gleaming once again!

It is important to keep in mind to not use aluminium polish or aluminium cleaner chemicals. If you are polishing anything that will have food on it, like an aluminium pan. This can be dangerous if ingested. If you don’t want to go the DIY route, Commercially produced aluminium cleaner chemicals are available in the market.

When it comes to aluminium furniture, it may require some extra bit of effort.

You will need a clean towel or two and some aluminium polish. Apply a thin coating of aluminium cleaning paste to the surface. Keep rubbing it into the surface in tiny, circular movements. Sweep away all of the polish with a new cloth or clean towel. Once all of the residues have been removed, use another clean cloth to buff the whole surface in the same circular motions.

Most of the time, cleaning aluminium is inexpensive and straightforward. It only takes a little know-how and elbow grease to remove the stains and restore the lustre! You can also hire professional cleaners through us to polish your aluminium utensils and furniture to keep them sparkling!