What Is The Difference Between Buffing and Polishing?

What Is The Difference Between Buffing and Polishing?

Buffing and polishing are two common finishing techniques for manufacturing or household projects. These are done for smoothing the surface to make things look better and give them a beautiful shine. That being said, many are unaware of the differences between buffing and polishing. Each finishing procedure is different on its own way. So, what specifically is the difference between buffing and polishing? Let’s get to know them!

What Is Buffing?

The buffing process is a finishing procedure that involves the use of loose abrasive particles on buffing wheels. For example, during a car buffing a buffing wheel eliminates oxidation and scratches from a vehicle’s paint that faced exposure to the elements for a long time. It leaves a brighter, shiny finish. Similarly, the floor buffer assists in the removal of exterior imperfection on the surface of the tiles.

What Is Polishing?

Polishing is usually done before buffing the surface using the grinding wheel’s safety sand belt. It is a more vigorous finishing technique when compared to buffing.  It helps even out the outer surface and removes flaws like gaps, creases, and scrapes. It has the ability to remove more surface layers from the workpiece’s surface, giving in a cleaner and more cleaned exterior.

There are a few types of polishing, such as mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, and electrolytic polishing to name a few. These are done using a buffing polish with the help of different types of polishing tools.

The buffing and polishing techniques are commonly used to remove scratches, varnishes, oxides, flaws, cracks, and other deformarkations from workpieces.

Why Hire Professionals For Buffing And Polishing?

Buffing and polishing is recognized to be a difficult and risky process.It can take a long time if you do it yourself. A pro can help you achieve great results within a shorter amount of time. They can offer you with services like:

  • Household tiles and wooden floor polishing
  • Car, motorbikes, and bicycle polishing
  • Tools and fixtures polishing

We advise you to hire experienced professionals to take care of your buffing and polishing needs. When an inexperienced person sands or polishes, the room for error increases. Our experts at Make Clean are there to polish your belongings with utmost care making sure they look brand new!