What is the Lawn Mowing Season?

What is the Lawn Mowing Season?

Lawns are an essential part of most residential gardens; they are not aesthetically pleasing, they also give open areas for recreational activity, socializing, and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to know what needs to be done during different lawnmowing seasons to keep it in thriving conditions, no matter what season it is. Lawn Mowing Season | Digital Transformation by Optimus Click

What Months Do You Mow Your Lawn?

Whether you’re a new to garden landscaping or you already know a couple of tricks for caring for your outside beautiful green carpet, there’s always something new to learn about appropriate lawn upkeep. So, let’s proceed with our lawn care advice by looking at some specific lawn upkeep, depending on the months.


When it comes to gardening maintenance, September, October and November are crucial months. Spend some time in the springtime inspecting your soil. For mowing, the general guideline is not to start too early. This way, your grass will have a chance to recuperate from the cold season and reestablish properly.


Summer lawn care in December, January and February mainly requires trimming and irrigation. Depending on where you live in Sydney, you’ll need to change your lawn mowing and watering schedule according to the condition of the soil.


Lawn maintenance in Australia in the transition months of March, April and May entail doing procedures similar to those performed in the spring season. Using an iron-rich fertilizer in the autumn will assist your lawn in tolerating moss build-up throughout the cooler months.


Given the Australian winter isn’t particularly harsh in contrast to other parts of the world, reduced air, night frost, lack of humidity and other factors can have an impact on the months of June, July and August. Stepping on your grass too much in the winter, when the ground is moist, can cause soil compression, so avoid doing so as much as possible.

With all that being said, different lawns need different types of maintenance depending on their specific needs. Lawn mowing isn’t only about cutting grass or watering. You need to know the right time for pruning, drainage, weed management, disease prevention, and insect proofing. Unsure about when is the best time to use your lawn in Sydney? You can hire our professional lawn mowing service.