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Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Services
There are a lot of spills that happen and regardless of what you do to deal with them, most likely, the marks will remain visible to you each time you step into the room. If this wasn’t the case, as time passes dust mites and pet dander will begin to settle on your carpet, providing bacteria and germs a meal.

Low ventilation and high humidity can create the ideal environment for rapid mould spore development. Regular vacuuming of the carpet does not provide enough cleaning to maintain it in good shape.

Make Clean Services are here to ease your stress by providing advanced steam carpet cleaning as well as dry carpet cleansing solutions. Carpets and rugs are not just looking like new, but also be cleaned. The areas that see a lot of traffic are no longer shabby.

Are you unsure of what type of carpets or rug? No worries! The carpet cleaners will decide the type of carpet they’re made of synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon or delicate natural fibres like wool and plush. They will suggest the most effective carpet cleaning product according to their type.

Carpet Cleaning Services
  • The carpet cleaners who are professionals will first determine the kind of stain in your carpet. They’ll test the pH with a specific alkaline solution. The cleaners will treat stain with the appropriate solution to treat the specific kind of stain.
  • After that, experts will verify the type of material that the carpet is constructed. The cleaner will employ different methods of cleaning based on the carpet’s materials – dry cleaning or steam cleaning.
  • The carpet cleaners will sweep the carpet to get rid of all build-up dust dirt and particles with the industrial type of vacuum cleaner. Any spills and stains are treated prior to being cleaned. The areas that are heavily used will be treated prior to spraying to loosen dirt and grime.
  • Small furniture is removed by the cleaners. Chairs tables, small shelves are removed. If furniture that is massive needs to be moved to accommodate cleaning of carpets, it is necessary to do this prior to the cleaning service.
  • The experts will deep clean carpets and rugs by using dry cleaning, or steam methods of cleaning.
  • Fabric protectors can be put to the carpet on an order. It will prevent spills and stains from getting deep into the carpet, which will make cleaning the carpet easier.
  • Carpets and rugs that have been cleaned can be deodorized upon an inquiry.
  • The carpets should have 3 to 6 hours of drying time to achieve the best results.
Be aware that if drying time is a problem or the fibre type doesn’t permit the use of large amounts of moisture The dry carpet cleaning technique is suggested. Carpet cleaners can advise you on which method is the most suitable for your rug or carpets.
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