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Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning Services
Make Clean Services worked in window cleaning for more than 10 years. We pride ourselves for our speedy, courteous service. Our focus on particulars is unparalleled. We don’t just take care of cleaning the glass panes, but also the frames, tracks sills, frames and fly screens. We take all dust and other debris from the tracks, and then go into the tiny crevices using a screw and the use of a cloth. The mould and dirt are cleaned off around the screens and frame. The screen is cleaned both sides before we clean the frames of all screens. Glass is scrubbed using an applicator that is damp and a squeegee.

When cleaning inside, we’re extremely careful i.e., take away any items that are on the sills put towels under to avoid drips from hitting carpets, taking off shoes when needed, and so on. We also take pride in being able to reach up high and hard-to-reach windows. Based on the circumstances you are in, we can climb on our ladders that have high extensions and squeegee windows, or reach them using water fed extension poles that have brush heads that we pass through a filtration system. It filters the water to remove dirt and deionizes water, so it doesn’t dry out steak. Call us or email us for window cleaning.

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