What is involved in Strata Cleaning?

Although the notion of strata cleaning has spread to many nations, it started in Australia. Strata cleaning is defined as the maintenance and cleaning of common areas inside a business property or split spaces within a housing complex. Cleaning stairwells, escalators, hallways, bathrooms, lobbies, and outdoor spaces in commercial complexes are involved in strata cleaning. Similarly, residential communities with facilities and shared areas such as swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms, and gardens require frequent maintenance.

A common strata cleaning includes a range of cleaning services. Here are some of the key services provided by strata cleaning firms.

Buffing, Stripping and Sealing Of Various Floor Surfaces

Because of the obvious high foot traffic in the shared spaces, thorough cleaning is required to keep the area clean and disease-free. The various floor surfaces in these areas will be cleansed. This includes buffing and stripping, as well as sealing sections of the exterior floor surfaces to keep it dry. It requires professional abilities to understand the types of floors and how to treat them. Self-cleaning does not always aid in deep clean. This is a compelling reason to hire professional strata cleaners.

Steam Cleaning And Vacuuming The Carpet

Additionally, carpets are usually seen in entrances and other spaces, and they must be decontaminated. Steam cleaning is a highly effective and efficient method for removing buildup from carpet fibres, including bacteria, mould and odours. They are followed by thorough vacuuming to remove bacteria and particles that become embedded in the fibres. It is also good at restoring the condition of damaged carpets over time.

Changing All Light Bulbs and Fittings

All the lighting in the common areas will be cleaned, including all the fixtures and emergency lights. The light bulbs and fittings within will be thoroughly tested as well, and if any of the lights are defective, they will be replaced.

Strata cleaning continues to pique people’s attention because of its benefits for the community. It is important that you hire qualified professionals to get the best results. The highly skilled professionals at Make Clean Services are here to provide you with one of Australia’s best strata cleaning services. You can reach out to us through our website or call us at 0449 974 500 to get in contact with our experts.